Communal Study Rooms

There are quiet and safe study and tutorial rooms available in the administration building in close proximity to the residences blocks. This is extremely convenient for students who do not want to study in their rooms or walk back from the library late at night. The Kovacs study facilities are open 24/7 which makes ideal for group work and discussions. The surrounding greenery and trees are conducive to a serene atmosphere and calm mind-set.

Save on Travel time and costs

This image reflects the distance from Kovacs residence to campus. Imagine being late for an exam due to unreliable public transport! Well, no more waiting for buses and trains, or walking in unsafe areas! Kovacs is a private residence situated on the UWC campus. It is therefore a safe and close walking distance to lectures and the main campus.

Community Environment

Students enjoy the community of 12 students per cluster. As a result, life-time friendships, relationships and support structures are foremed. Students learn to compromise, consider and respect others, their cultures and their living space.

Disability Friendly

The facilities are wheelchair friendly. We also have a wonderful relationship with the UWC disability unit for additional support.

Facilities Managed & Maintained

A permanent Facility manager and the team ensures that the kovacs student village is
managed and maintained on a regular basis.

Student Wellbeing (Group Support)

Being away from home can be extremely daunting. We arrange workshops for students and also get involved in university activities to assist development beyond the academia. There are numerous exciting programs that students can assist with and enjoy.

Secure Residence & Access Control

The residences are privately managed and the security controls and monitors the entry of students and visitors. A robust access management system blocks unauthorised entry to the student village. A second checkpoint is set up to restrict access per building, per cluster.


The modern facilities are landscaped and aesthetically pleasing.


Free parking for residents and visitors, monitored by security, giving you the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe.


The kiosk is open daily from 7.30am – 11.00pm and prices are extremely reasonable.

Self Catering

Students benefit from the cost saving in preparing their own food as opposed to buying at a higher cost. The kitchen comes equipped with stoves, microwaves, fridges, toasters and kettles.

The kitchens are serviced by the cleaning staff.