When and how are the fees payable?

Deposit fees to be paid before occupation of the rooms. No room is reserved without payment.

When are students permitted to check-in at the Kovacs UWC Student Village?

Students will be allowed entry from second week of January.

Will I qualify to apply for accommodation if I live within close proximity of the University of the Western Cape?


Is the accommodation available to national and international students?


What are the selection criteria?

You must be registered at or be associated to the University of the Western Cape.

How many rooms are available?

We have 1 100 beds available.

Does each room have their own desktop computer?

No, you bring the computer and we provide the internet LAN connectivity.

Do you have a cafeteria on site?

No, the residences are equipped with kitchens for self-catering. A kiosk for all your grocery requirements is located on site.

Do you have a laundry service?

The laundry is fully equipped with washers and dryers.

Can I bring my own fridge?

Yes, Students are permitted to bring their own fridges. The fridges must have an energy efficient rating and must be signed off and tagged by Kovacs security. Electricity cost per annum is R300.00 per annum, payable up-front.