ALL rooms are complete with the necessary furnishings to create a functional environment conducive to studying. Fittings include a comfortable bed with single mattress, considerable cupboard space, desk with a chair, handy bookshelf and a wall-panel heater. Students have a wardrobe and cupboard in the room for safe storage of clothing and groceries.

The only appliance that residents are permitted to have in their rooms is a fridge.

Single Room with En-Suite Bathroom

Single rooms are for one occupant, sharing an inter-leading door to an en-suite bathroom with the neighbouring occupant. The two students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and bathrooms.

Double Furnished Room with en-suite Bathroom

Limited double rooms. While the room is shared between two students, each enjoys their own furnishings and fittings. The bathroom is shared between the two students and the entrance to the bathroom is situated in the room (en-suite).

Corner Room

Corner rooms are single rooms.  Access to these rooms are via an additional security door creating a private passage.  The private passage leads to the two rooms as well as a Separate bathroom.


Single Room with Communal Bathroom

These rooms are designed for a single occupant only. The communal bathrooms are shared amoungst students on the floor. These bathroom facilities are serviced twice daily except Sundays. Hand soap and toilet paper is supplied.

Persons with Disabilities – Room Furnished to Cater for Special Needs

The rooms for person(s) with disabilities, are fully furnished according to specifications to cater for special needs. The kitchen area and bathroom is in the room, giving the student convenient and private access. The furniture is custom made to accommodate students that may be wheelchair-bound.